Our Story: Tackling digestive discomfort

It all started with a map

The ProNourish® story began with a mum who was having to map every bathroom between her home, her office and her child's school due to the unpredictability of her digestive issues. The stress this brought to her life was unimaginable. Hearing her story of frustration and so many others compelled us to act.


The issue was clear. Millions of people globally live with digestive discomfort every day and as a global company, we had the opportunity to use Nestlé Health Science's resources to deliver on the mission of enhancing people's lives through nutritional solutions to help those with digestive discomfort.

Emerging clinical evidence provided a starting point

We work closely with the Nestlé Research Centre in Switzerland and we’re discovering more and more about digestive health. Globally we have partnered with Prometheus labs and Seres therapeutics to advance the role of nutritional therapy in the gastrointestinal area. It was here the US Nestlé Health Science team learned more about our special fibre and probiotic products that are low FODMAP and beneficial to those with IBS. They also focused on creating a nutritional option that was low in FODMAPs and delivered on taste to increase the variety of snack options to those on a low FODMAP diet.

The entire ProNourish® range was carefully formulated in the US with an advisory board of expert gastroenterologists, dietitians, physicians and scientists and based on feedback from Monash University.

After the success of the ProNourish® Nutritional Drink in the US, the team looked to Australia, the home of the Low FODMAP diet to launch a suite of products. These include ProNourish® Natural Balance Fibre, ProNourish®Regularity & Balance Probiotic and ProNourish®Digestive Balance Drink.

low fodmap food

This is just the beginning

The Nestlé Health Science team are deeply committed to increasing support for the millions impacted by digestive troubles. They hope that more and more people will discover how ProNourish® products can help provide peace of mind and support finding digestive balance.

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